Monday, May 31, 2010

REVIEW: Kanira Baxter – Chapter One Cruise Ship Hostage Rescue

kanirabaxter-comic-slice Light-hearted, full-throated space opera at its best, The Adventures of Kanira Baxter by Kate Fahr happens to be a comic worth reading between projects, during lunch hour, or in the morning before work. It’s one of those comics with long running, memorable characters and an ongoing plot. The first chapter off with a bang with our merc group showing up uninvited for a cruise—to deal with some other uninvited guests who have started a hijacking coup.

The comic is generated with an interesting 3d program (3DSMAX maybe) and the characters pose and display enough emotion to follow. The eyes are a big wide and large for my aesthetic taste but it grows on you quickly. I do love the sound-effect methods displayed (WOOSH, PEW PEW.) This is a space opera, they do have blasters.

The crew has the requisite team a hard-hitting commander, Kanira, a computer-tech and fighter, Dare, and even an alien who looks a lot like an anthropomorphic mouse. The alien happens to be one of the only species that humanity in this universe has ever met—which is pretty interesting, but more are to come in later chapters as foreshadowing might suggest.

Space ships. Blasters. Aliens. Hijacking in space. The part that makes the first chapter so much fun is the whole mundanity of the exercise. A hijacking is a common experience and cruises are pretty passé when it comes to everyday experience. Of course, the difference is that we’ve got a crew of mercs, we’ve got outer space, and we have some witty back-and-forth.

Those who watch BionicDance’s YouTUBE channel probably hear her voice when we see Kanira talking. She happens to also be the author and she uses her same 3D program to do videos. There’s also some suggestion that there might be a 3D movie coming out; there is a well-cut little trailer for the comic, but I’d really love to see a mini-episode.

Link, via Comic Genesis.


Unknown said...

Gosh, I'm only just finding this review now, and I have to say, I'm very, very flattered! Thank you! :)

Stampmaille said...

WOW! I've gotta say, I've never had a taste for comics until I read this one!

Kyt Dotson said...

@Stampmaille, glad to hear you liked it!

Unknown said...

Great work and I can't wait to see what's comming up...