Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Warcraft Eye Begins

The Warcraft Eye begins.

Anyone else who plays the wonderful game, World of Warcraft, should be aware that a whole new blog—a travelogue of sorts, a traveblogue (no, I kid)—has started up. It chronicles the comings and goings of a baby-zombie by the name of Huntson who got too drunk one night, and woke up dead.

The enterprising player might even be able to find him in the game, though details of what server he is on are currently confidential. I’m sure that a clever enough reader could figure it our (or bribe me for details.) All that said, the style is a lovely romp through the stinging-nettles in a sort of imaginary prose that reminds some of a cross between Lester Bangs and Hunter S. Thompson.

Nelson Williams, a close friend of mine, scribes this new blog; so thou can probably guess why I am so keen on advertising its existence.

While there is no posted update schedule, it is worth checking back every week or so to see what sort of new mayhem Huntson has gotten himself into. It will involve screenshots from in the game, the actual day-to-day misadventure and mania that every new Forsaken has to overcome in the lands of Azeroth.

It’s going to be one wicked ride.

Expect the unexpected. Zombies. Underwear. Oh-so-gut-wrenching complexions…

It’s The Warcraft Eye and it’s got something for everyone.

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