Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I have Loque’nahak


After a grueling 10-day hunt, and approximately 113.3 hours, I have finally tamed the elusive spirit beast, Loque’nahak. (See me above, posing for the picture with my newly tamed kitty on Ogrimm’s Hammer in Icecrown.)

The case finally broke when a newfound friend of mine, Maidentaiwan, located the furball patrolling next to the Skyreach Pillar and called me in—she is Grumplepuss’s kaywng (yet another hunter who I’ve befriended from my time in Scholazar Basin.)

While I might be going there on-and-off in order to run Oracle quests for reputation, I think that I’m going to spend time in Icecrown to uncover the storyline unfolding there (and perhaps I’ll actually check up on the devastated Azeroth.)

I ended up naming him Yule after the the season that I’ve finally tamed him during.