Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 3 in Print

As of yesterday, Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 3: Incantations of Incarnation by Kyt Dotson went to print. I am doing fifty (50) copies as usual. This round features our lovely Vex Harrow on the cover and these fifty are a special edition which includes a red rose (the first color edition covers for any Vexations prints.)

Take a trot down to the Mill Avenue Vexations website to see the cover and the story.

I am already sending some copies out to those who have been looking forward to them, ten copies have been sent to North Phoenix, and thirty copies (if I am lucky) will be sent into Tempe where they can be distributed. I am hoping to speak with Lawrence at Graffiti Shop into carrying copies so that people on Mill can pick them up.

Sometime this week, finances forgiving, I am probably going to go down to the new print shop that I am using, Kolossus, and have fifty copies of Volume 2 produced so that I have them on hand and can actually sell/distribute them as is necessary.

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