Wednesday, September 26, 2012

EVE Online’s “Vile Rat” aka Sean Smith Killed in Libya; Memorialized in Game

It’s been a rough few weeks with Muslims rioting in fury and anger over the release of the “Innocence of Muslims” video trailer from a would-be-unknown dumbass—of course, the protest in Libya was hijacked by violent militants who used it as an excuse to assault the embassy. Four US citizens were killed; amid them Sean Smith, aka Vile Rat.

In the coming weeks, he has been memorialized in text and video.

The death of this amazing individual was unnecessary, and even the Libyan people have shown an understanding of that with the production of “The Sorry Project.” As they’ve stood up against the villains who caused the death of these people. That’s how the culture of the country where this happened have reacted to the event.

Gamers have seen a different way to mourn the passing of their favorite in game diplomat.

They have done tributes in videos, even CCP Games and Something Awful have posted articles remembering Vile Rat’s contribution to their community.

Link, via MMO Anthropology and YouTube.