Friday, January 31, 2014

Star Trek Online: Dyson Solanae hybrid-technology science destroyer

I think that I just found the ship for my Romulan Star Trek Online character: the Dyson science destroyer.

STO must be beside-themselves in producing new content, including bringing back Tim Russ to reprise his role as Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager to become Admiral Tuvok. It’s fun to hear his voice chastising the enemy as I blast them out of space.


Of course, my romulan character—one Simpronia—will be flying the Romulan warbird variant of the Dyson science destroyer. The lower shield capacity coupled with the battle-cloak makes this ship unstoppable and it will nicely synergize with her science career path.

The path to getting Sim a proper ship to fly has been a long and hard one. As romulan, she has a huge decision matrix to pick between Romulan faction ships and Federation faction ships—the Fed ship is tempting, but it has no cloak and ambushes with this ship seem exactly what I’d like to do.

Since this is a science-based destroyer I can still act as a second-line support in the beginning of battles by using debuffs and sensor confusion; but upon closing range, I can switch into tactical-mode, cloak, and then ambush craft trying to pick on my teammates in PvE.

While there’s a full-on Dyson set to be had, I am still considering going primarily with polaron-based weaponry and the Jem’Hadar set (or components thereof.) I might hybridize between damage capability and science-tanking but we’ll see.

I just love those purple beams and bolts.