Monday, June 02, 2008

Gothic Angst Webzine Reviews Vexations Volume 5

Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 5 has gotten a review on a goth webzine. Blogged also today on the Vexations blog. Volume 5: Drum Circle is one of my favorite volumes! It represents the first time I've been able to get a full color cover and it also has special editions released to give me money to get more full color covers.

Drum Circle also includes direct culture from the Ave, the drum circle, the street preachers, and other elements that just keep me coming back. It gives me a chance to display the strange interaction between the various groups. Take a gander at the blog post and Gothic Angst. Thanks!

The literary reviewer, H. M. Garber of goth e-zine Gothic Angst, has published a review of Volume Five from Mill Avenue Vexations. People should trot on over there and check it out.