Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mill Avenue Vexations Vol 1 Reviewed on Goth E-zine

Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 1 has gotten a review on a goth webzine. Blogged also today on the Vexations blog.

I must say, also, the review was rather a scintillating one. I think I like these guys.

The literary reviewer, H. M. Garber of goth e-zine Gothic Angst, has published a review of Volume One from Mill Avenue Vexations. People should trot on over there and check it out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Video Game Reviews

So, I haven't actually written up my review of Jade Empire yet. It's been an oddly busy summer. However, I have gotten four other video games that I'm preparing reviews for, and they would be: XIII: Thirteen, Pariah, Bad Mojo, and Darkfall.

XIII: Thirteen

Thirteen by Ubisoft is an interesting little escape from the usual photorealistic first-person shooter types out there by presenting everything in a much more comic book cell-shaded style. The opening sequence to each of the chapters looks exactly like panels being produced out of a comic book, and internal events snap into view with a similar effect.

With voice acting by everyone’s beloved David Duchovny (who played Fox Mulder on the X-Files) we picked up this title less because I know the comic it is set from and more because I don’t mind his voice...

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Pariah is an all around mediocre first person shooter that just cannot stand up under the weight of its own ego. The graphical complexity of many of the environments was certainly beautifully painted, the puzzles seemed interesting enough, and the foes—while not that bright—did perish with satisfying cries of pain; but it seemed to lack that spark that makes a video game worth playing. It is a straightforward nothing-special-here first person shooter and nothing more.

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Hopefully I can muster the time to hit those others that I wanted, but this is what I have at the moment. My next set of news will probably encompass my work on Vexations more than it does Vox Ex Machina but I figured that it was a good time to introduce that to this slice-of-life blog as well...