Monday, January 02, 2006

Have a Merry Vexing Christmas

It's a good day for an eBook:

Good day everybody, the eBook for Merry Vexing Christmas, by Kyt Dotson, is now released and you can download a copy for yourself! then go chat about it in the thread dedicated to it. Fifty copies have been printed, the covers are beautiful, as you can see. There's an advertisement for Graffiti Shop on the backs. The printing is done with card-stock for the covers so it actually feels a little bit like a booklet rather than just a folded bit of papers. There will be an HTML version soon enough. Thanks to everyone and their support.

Mill Avenue Vexations

That's right, the Have a Merry Vexing Christmas book is not out in ebook format for everyone to enjoy and read. So get going, get one!

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