Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Day in my Life and Podcast Cheesecake

"As writers we change the world with our words, we are not timid fishes on the edges of the great oceans of our civilizations. It is a powerful and perilous position that we take; we are what cultures dream when they sleep."
- Kyt Dotson

Today, I discovered that somebody quoted me in a Podcast. And I am extremely flattered.

This morning, I woke up and was trawling the Internet as I am wont to do on some days. I stayed up way too late last night playing Indigo Prophecy--an eerie change from me staying up until 3a.m. with a book. The people I was chatting with got it into their heads to start googling for our usernames, our names, and so on. And, looking for freedom from boredom, I joined in.

In the midst of my search I stumbled across Cheesecake and Quarbles: Rants of Awesomeness. Readers: please go visit. I don't know exactly who she is yet, but she's quoting me and that deserves her a little traffic.

You can also jump directly to the podcast proper via You Don't Have To - Reasons Why People Write, or at least a place to comment on it. For some strange reason her podcast provider doesn't give a link to listen to the podcast from that link. Something they might want to change.

Download mp3 of Jessica Lewis's, aka nakir, podcast.

From what I have been able to glean, this is somebody that I know on GaiaOnline.com. As I am not about to out her, I'm not going to post who it is here, but I am going to go try to find out.

(And one last tidbit, she kinda mispronounced my name--I know it should come with a guide or something--I don't really care, but those who don't know: "kit" as in first-aid. I usually wear the name "KIT" on badges so that people know, but then they spell it like that. What's funny, through my life there are documents that both have me as KIT or KYT, sometimes in the same document.)

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