Friday, June 02, 2006

The Byzantium Outcast

A month or so ago I started a project called Vex's Arsenal, by Kyt Dotson. The idea was to write stories about the various magical instruments that Vex owns (for the most part which are weapons) and how she came to receive them. A great deal of the magical weapons she owns are to serve one purpose: to assist her in killing her primary adversary—the voices that harass her. The series tends to outline that while she has slowly amassed a certain number of interesting items, she has never succeeded in this mission.

The Byzantium Outcast is one such item, an artifact of a bygone eon. A demon/god-entity forged into a bronze/copper statue and lost to time. The story about this demon is being posted slowly (one segment a week) on Vex's Myspace blog. Those so interested can go read it there, but eventually I will make a PDF of it for release—and anyone who is so inclined should add as friend.

The image was commissioned from a lovely artist from Deviant Art named Nicole Cardiff. A larger version is available, click on the thumbnail with this article to view it.

There is also a news item posted on the Mill Avenue Vexations webpage about this development.

Edit: Since the Myspace blog links all seem to be broken you may need to access it via Vex's Myspace indirectly.

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