Monday, February 05, 2007

Vexations Volume 4: Portents - Released to Print!

Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 4: Portents by Kyt Dotson has officially been released to print, e-book, and HTML! It is right now available for pre-order in our online store (copies will become available very soon as they are being printed right now.)

As per usual, a run of one-hundred is on the presses right now that will be released for free on Mill Avenue and the surroundings, while a small set will be held aside for people who are out of state who would like to support this project. Don’t miss out on owning one of our collectible booklets, Vexations is a piece of Tempe history and is slowly becoming a mantelpiece of readers on the Ave.

Also, if you happen to like the cover art go to the artist’s thread in our forums and give her some props! Her name is Marlon Teunissen and she did a stunningly good job.

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