Thursday, April 10, 2008

Overkill much?

Did up a little Demotivator-style poster for the hell of it. Having Vex Harrow on one of these is always fun and so far people seem to really like it.

Pass it around.


AlpineBob said...

Just read Mill Avenue Vexations online - feel like someone reading a Dickens serialization and realizing I'll have to wait who knows how long for the next installment.

In chapter nine there is a paragraph about the Brick Yard where it says: "Borders had moved into its bowls."
Also, in the phrase "she liked to spend time pouring over books," I'm curious what she pours over them. Hmm, considering it's in bowls I guess it must be milk - I prefer mine crunchy, but tastes differ...

Honest, I wasn't looking for typos, but those struck me because I too enjoy browsing through bookstore bowels for periodicols to pore over.

Sorry, lack of sleep may be getting to me a bit.
Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. I'm certainly looking forward to further installments.

Kyt Dotson said...

Eep! How embarrassing! >.<

But good to know about. I will get those fixed in manuscript and on the web as soon as I can, thanks alpinebob.

I don't mind people discovering typos... I find typos in published books! (This last one had about five of them.) Here I only have one underpaid copy-editor to help me out -- people who are published by Tor should do better than I am.

So thank thee, truthfully. I am grateful for the help and I am equally grateful for having another reader!

Volumes 9 and 10 are already written. 11 and 12 are in development and one tribute is also written. So come next "season" there will be no less than five volumes for people to pore over.