Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Something Funny Happened at Matsuri

Mill Avenue Vexations Something Funny Happened at Matsuri by Kyt Dotson is available online for everyone to enjoy!

Vex Harrow takes a day off to visit the Arizona Matsuri festival with her friend Megan. However, a weird Japanophile and otaku, decides to crash her party by summoning a tentacled monstrosity to help him steal some artifacts from ancient Japan.

Things continue to go wrong from there. Follow Vex's adventure from festival onwards to reclaim the day.

There are four pages of Japanese manga in this work, the first two and the last two; so if you buy this you will receive some graphic art not displayed on the cover (although you can also read it all online.) It was a bit more expensive to make these than the usual publication, but it was certainly worth it. I hope that everyone who receives one enjoys it thoroughly.

It's also available for people to purchase from the online store.

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