Monday, August 10, 2009

Video game procurement

So, since Better Than Faith has become something of a ghost town when it comes to updates, I’ve stopped working on content that would otherwise be useful to Kazz. Instead, I am working on elements for Nelson Williams and Vox ex Machina.

Mostly, since this does involve playing and reviewing video games. I have bought some from Bookmans. Two games at $12 total. Nelson calls them shovelware.

Restricted Area. This isometric Diablo-clone wannabe takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk and doesn’t offer much in the way of general compensation for actual gameplay. The isometric design gives a certain amount of character control, Gauntlet-like waves of enemies to mow through, and a lot of very stiff voice acting. I picked a girl with a both who can run through cyberspace, but really the tactics seem to have fallen back to running away from everything and blowing up those ubiquitous exploding barrels.

Culpa Innata. A point-and-click adventure game with a few interesting additions, like a computer system that allows researching certain clues into useable data—although, it suffers from everywhere-at-once syndrome that a lot of adventure games do. Thus meaning that I have to look at the walkthrough a lot to get even simple plot elements out of the way. It also has a daylight issue, by this I mean that every task takes a certain amount of time and you can only do a certain amount during day before triggering nightlife events (or being forced to go to bed.)

Oh, but here I am longing to play another game of Bookworm Adventures.

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