Monday, December 14, 2009

Around Azeroth: There and back again, a tale of more shards

Monday again and it’s time for another issue of Around Azeroth, at least that’s what I’m going to call my little semi-daily updates about my adventures in the World of Warcraft.

BLUME of Sentinels

So I’ve started playing a baby warlock with a friend on an RP server. She’s going destruction—unlike Sybrwyd, my primary warlock, who is all-the-way demonic, right down to her demon socks. The new undead warlock, Blume, rocks a beehive haircut and bondage-tape X across her face. She just picked up her blueberry (read: Voidwalker) and is now hassling the elves about their own deadite problem.
Scything through the Dead Scar with my friend—playing a rogue, Anoxia would be proud—his brother chimes in about the strange affair of the Auction House. Seems that people are selling extremely low level items at extremely exorbitant prices. Wandering around town, watching the RPers do their thing, a glimmer of a thought came to mind. I know why people are selling piddly level 17 items for 3g and higher…
I’ve seen people wearing the most aesthetically bizarre mismatches of sets wandering around town. RP servers often suffer from a sort of anesthetic of the mind effect when it comes to came play and livable socialization; but they take extreme advantage of the social and “let’s play pretend” effect of being in an existential virtual realm. Having outfits that match personality would certainly be a boon. Perhaps some of these really low level items just look particularly exotic.

ANOXIA of Thunderhorn

The little rogue is rising in the ranks! She’s made level 69 and doesn’t show any sign of stopping before 70.
I’ve been using the new PUG interface that Blizzard added in patch 3.3. Abusing is probably a better term for it. I love this thing, it’s been rather a fun ride. Some drama, some yelling and infighting, but overall I’ve liked it.
The last experience, though, put me into a Wrath of the Lich King dungeon where we had to go up against Prince Keleseth. For those not-in-the-know, he’s a night elf who visits Vengence Landing, picks a fight with the executor there; the executor commands his archers to light off—they fire a hellstorm of arrows at him, but Keleseth teleports behind his own Vrykul troops and lets them take the arrows for him; then he “drinks the souls” of all the archers. Not fun.
As it happens, he’s a pretty vicious fight that requires some sort of attention to detail. Keleseth throws an ice-tomb over people in the party, this takes them out of combat for a short time while the DPS break through the ice. If he happens to hit the tank or the healer the raid wipes. Both of these events happened on my visit.
Mind, everyone, I’ve never seen this boss before and I don’t know how to fight him. Also: I’m a rogue! I’m DPS so it was my job to get the tank/healer out, and I did, however, not before Keleseth went on and massacred two other people each time.
Long story short, our tank /ragequit, “You guys really suck!” Of course, I am cleaning up his grammar and spelling, but that’s basically what he said before he vanished.
Never did down the guy.
Moonsweet mentions how our guild <Moving Targets> act as a well oiled raid-murder-machine and that every time he’s encountered a single boss with them, they go down with ease. And no kidding, together with the Targets in instances we act with extreme tactical precision, and excellent leadership. If anything, PUGs show me repeatedly how haphazard discipline among players can end in defeat against even lower level content; while well planned strikes can take apart even higher level content.
Go Targets.
Keleseth, I am still for you. I’ll be back. FOR THE DARK LADY!

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