Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Around Azeroth: Leveling with trolls

Anoxia finally hit her 77th level this weekend after a marathon run of quests with the trolls in the fallen city of Zul’Drak. The city is so large that it literally takes up an entire zone of Northrend, filled with trolls of every imagining (mostly the frost variety) who have turned on their own gods to fight the Scourge.

Their predicament is terrible and it saddens me greatly. It’s stupid of them to turn on their own protectors for fleeting power, but this is troll culture: not just cannibalistic but deicidal. The trolls there have taken to themselves to cannibalize their own gods for the might to repel the Scourge which has led to a bitter internecine war. The trolls eating their gods aren’t doing so well either, as some of them have run into a disagreement from those gods themselves.

For example, the healer goddess – a winged serpent – yanked her and hers into an undead nightmare vale upon her death and is now exacting terrible revenge on them for their transgressions. And the mammoth god, who seems to be quite stubborn, detonated himself rather than be quaffed the hungry trolls.

Needless to say, the city is in various states of smoldering ruin.

And it’s been great fun.

Also, in other news:

I am seriously thinking of doing some WoW videos, directed at newbie players to elaborate the various classes in their early roles. Especially now that I’ve been playing a warlock repeatedly from early levels. They are such a fun class.

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