Thursday, July 15, 2010

Release: Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 14: Ghosts of the Past

Announcing the release of Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 14: Ghosts of the Past.

It's been a while before I was able to get this one online. I went to my friend, Luis Boisvert, who designed the very first covers for Mill Avenue Vexations. There isn't going to be a physical production of this booklet for the time being until I have enough funds to publish one; but right now we do have the web version and you can read it.

In this volume the strange changes taking effect have been given palpable form. We get introduced to Vex Harrow's mother, and we get to visit the 'A' on A Mountain. The world and reality may be coming apart at the seams but it's a good time for a hero to step up.

With work on Black Hat Magick Dread Vote complete we will be seeing further work on Mill Avenue Vexations until it’s completion sometime next year. There are probably only two or three volumes left to complete this arc and afterwards I’ll be compiling it together into a full novel. It might even be fore sale as a hard copy. A representation of almost five years of constant work.

It’s been a beautiful drive, with lots of amazing artwork, wonderful artists, interesting people, and a rich, vibrant culture to follow from the year 2005 until 2010. We’ve seen 14 volumes, half as many tribute booklets, two humorous short stories, a short story published in a magazine, and so much more from this project.

It’s been an amazing cultural success.

Anyone who wants to, come find me on IM, tweet me (twitter @kytsune), or call me—we can celebrate the release of Volume 14!

Link via (Mill Avenue Vexations).

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