Thursday, February 17, 2011

Born to the Spectacle: The Nokia Anti-Experience by Kyt Dotson now exclusively on Amazon Kindle

born-to-the-spectacle-kyt-dotson-amazon Exclusive until I feel the need to put it up on Smashwords and break that fact; however, right now, Amazon Kindle is the only place you can find my newest book, Born to the Spectacle: The Nokia Anti-Experience.

Why should you buy it and read it?

Because, if you have a Kindle it’s only $2.99 and it’ll give you at least a night of enjoyment (if not several.) Plus, with Nokia in the news so many times recently, it should also be semi-topical—even if it is set almost a hundred years into our presumed cybertech future.

Who knows. Perhaps Nokia will take over the mobile industry and give us near-telepathy.

It could happen.

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