Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GameOgre: Spiral Knights First Impressions

spiral-knights Just Monday, I got a chance to do a hands-on review of SEGA’s upcoming free-to-play MMO: Spiral Knights. And I had a blast. My article has been posted over at GameOgre and I invite everyone who reads this blog to go check it out. The game reminds me somewhat a of a Gauntlet-esque 3D game with a Castle Crashers style with some puzzle solving elements.

The MMO part isn’t bad either.

Even with the preview event being a closed beta (invite only) there were plenty of people to interact with. The community is extremely friendly and I had a great deal of fun. Looks like its shut down now in preparation for the final launch.

The actual game launches on April 4th.

See you there!

Link, via GameOgre.

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