Sunday, December 04, 2011

Around Azeroth: Blume is level 85!

Well, that’s the news: Blume of Thunderhorn is officially level 85!

To celebrate this event, I have a few screen captures from the game across other leveling zones; but since the Hour of Twilight expansion—patch 4.3—just came out, I figured I’d hold off on that and reveal some screenshots from the newly released Darkmoon Faire.


Right now in Mulgore, the Dark Moon Faire has a portal entrance into the deep, dark designs of the Faire. This gateway leads to a dim, dire forest with goblin-lit signs pointing down a winding path. At the end of which the sounds of revelry and carnival barkers can be heard.

Also, if you’re so inclined, you can partake of a menagerie of animals.


The Faire zoo is open to the public, although as one careless carnie discovered, the animals aren’t all perfectly safe. (An exotic crystalline basilisk might be snacking on a menagerie keeper tonight.) So keep your distance.

Also, you’ll see from the image that there’s fireworks being shot into the sky. This one is a time-lapse rendering with multiple fireworks melted into the frame. They’re not all shot up like that at the same time; but I wanted to capture the mood so I put my camera with a repeated shutter.


It looks like the Level 90 Elite Tauren Cheiftans are also at the Faire and I was lucky enough to get an image of them playing! Although this close to the stage you can actually hear them playing one of their famous songs. In the past, I’ve complained that their appearance in Shattrah had no music the first time I saw them.

No such problem here.

Although it is much quieter than any concert I have ever been to.

The Hour of Twilight – Patch 4.3

For anyone hankering for the trailer for the 4.3 patch. Above and enjoy.

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