Monday, January 30, 2012

Around Brawl Busters? The Last Day for Bubble Yum

Well, I’ve been going through my work for GameOgre and I’ve had the joy of engaging in Rock Hippo Production’s Brawl Busters game. The review won’t go up for another week or so--but I do have screen shots to share with everyone!

In the game, most of the classes are melee and run around in a third-person shooter.

Of course, then there’s this:

pbclient 2012-01-30 13-07-42-15

I don’t even know what happened there.

My favorite class so far is still the Firefighter (above is the Slugger and her bat—striking out.) She’s got some of the most amusing attacks and projects a barrier to stop incoming enemies.

pbclient 2012-01-30 13-01-42-14

See the “Beat the Bubble” thing? Well, it ends today—but it’s still a rolicking good time beating up on this guy and his giant bubblegum-covered rolling pin.

Of course, watch out because he’s actually quite vicious.

I’ll leave these final two screenshots to tell the story of our last encounter.

Adieu, have a great night everyone!

pbclient 2012-01-30 16-18-29-88

pbclient 2012-01-30 16-19-44-88


Anonymous said...

now in day there people that beat him up to 60 times per day!!

Kyt Dotson said...

I did figure that Bubble Yum wouldn't be going away forever.