Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Around Rage: The Bigger They Are…

rage 2012-08-01 17-49-09-77

At least at near the beginning of the game they were kind enough to give me a ride… I must admit, though, I do not like driving games and I dislike racing. Fortunately, Rage allowed me to escape most of the racing and driving for greener pastures (such as blowing people’s heads off.)

Still, the segment there was felt a little too frustrating for me. The controls are awkward and racing itself is annoying.

rage 2012-08-02 18-14-08-64

The good doctor is nicer than he looks.


rage 2012-08-02 18-25-15-83

At first, I thought this guy was huge—he seems to be wearing a refrigerator on his back. It took me quite a few sniper rife rounds to eventually take him out…

But then… Well--


rage 2012-08-02 18-50-42-72

I met this notable fellow.

He was kind enough to telegraph where the bits of that parking garage would land when he threw them; but it didn’t mean he was a pushover. I wasted lots and lots of missile launcher ammo on him, his shiny chest, and his shiny head.

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