Monday, March 11, 2013

Google Glass, the Free Market and the Future of Privacy with Mark Hopkins

Near the 7:00 minute mark, Mark Hopkins talks about the future impact of ease-of-sharing when it comes to Google Glass. While he already spoke about a potential app that could connect a persons' real life personage with their YouTube comments hovering above (now that would be hilarious) but that would require a lot of sensitivity and a database of facial recognition and possibly even an opt-in by the person in question.

As Mark explains, privacy is always changing and is being modified by our cultural capabilities. Already people have greater amounts of data visualization at our fingertips with just the Internet and smartphones together. Never before have people been able to instantly "win an argument" by pulling out a small interface, looking something up on Wikipedia, and go from there. Add in augmented reality and the "pull out the smartphone" is removed.

With all the speculation flying about how Google Glass will be used (and it's all speculative) we may just get the moral panic portion of the introduction of this technology out of the way even before it reaches mainstream.

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