Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kingdoms of Grace

If you are into total Internet cheese, then you’ll be with me on this one. I found this awesome little animated, live-action, comic-book Internet miniseries: Kingdoms of Grace.

It’s totally cheese, do not get me wrong on this, in fact you’ll know it really quickly once you watch the first episode—but, it’s also become my dirty little secret. Apparently I really like cheese when it’s presented in Internet miniseries form.

My heart was stolen by the amazingly effective animation methodology but really what brought the smirk that makes me a viewer happened to be right at the live action sequence. I had to pick myself up off the floor after laughing; then I had to rewind a little so that I could re-watch what I missed.

I found this wonderful work via ALT: Rock Culture and Lifestyle Magazine.

You should really check it out, come back and let me know if you agree. Good cheese?

Link to Kingdoms of Grace.


JillianGwyn said...

I watched episode one...and will probably watch episode 2.

It was cheese. Total cheese.

Decent cheese.

jenniCyde said...

Yeah, I saw it on youtube, and must admit I watched all the episodes in a row. A bit weird, but kinda addictive. Like prom queen. Does anyone know if there are more eps posted somewhere else? Is this it?

jenniCyde said...

so does anyone know if there are more episodes on line somewhere?

Kyt Dotson said...

That is it! There are 10 total, and the next one comes out Sept. 24th.