Monday, September 15, 2008

Two more rejections

Ah well, this is the way it happens. Sotto Voce finally got back to me after a weekend of tense anticipation that both of my submissions have been rejected for their upcoming issue. C'est la vie. This is the way that a lot of my stories go (I have over 300 rejection letters although they used to mostly be paper, the e-mail rejections are slowly tipping the scales.)

It isn't uncommon for me to get a message that my work is being seriously considered for the final cut. Then my story enters the Thunderdome and doesn't return.

If nothing else it means that I have two stories freed up for submissions to other venues.

Now if only they'd stay open!


Jacqueline Smith said...

Rejections could wear a person down, but stay with it Kyt.

Kyt Dotson said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jacqueline. It's always a good thing. ^^