Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flying - "The Business of Miracles", Life NBC

For anyone else who watched NBC's Life, episode 203 on NBC Rewind, "The Business of Miracles," then wondered what amazing song was playing while Crews hallucinates.

It's a track called Flying on the albumn "This is Indlie" compiled by Terence Fontaine, Sonic Quiver Music.

Come and take my hand my darling
Take my hand and walk with me
There is nothing we can't fight now
If we close our eyes and see
Together we are flying
So you know that life is hard dear
And the world can bring you down
But if we hold on to each other
(Yeah) Together we are flying
Together we are so complete


Philipp said...

Thanks! I just watched that episode and I was wondering what song this was..

Anonymous said...

thanks dude - i've been googling it for friggin hours - nice one

Kyt Dotson said...

I wrote this blog post because of how absurdly difficult it happened to be to determine what that song way! (Especially problematic because the online version of the show differed in sound track from the TV version.)

You're welcome everybody. Just let me know what keywords you tried so that I can better stuff them for the post. I tried to put as many as possible into this post as I'd expect people to search for if they were looking for this song. (Like lyrics.)

T-licious said...

Thanks so much! I was watching Life on Netflix and heard this song and couldn’t rest until I figured out who sang it. I tried Googleing the lyrics for about 30 min before I finally, in desperation, I typed in the name of the TV episode and found your post. The hoops you jump through to track down good music… Thanks again for your help!