Friday, October 31, 2008

Mill Avenue Vexations Hallowe'en

‘Tis our bless’d even and Samhain upon us—also, there’s the wonderful story of the Legend of Sleepy Phoenix by Kyt Dotson from Mill Avenue Vexations to read!

Written to play around with the strange annals of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with a more modern bent, see away with horses and replace them with motorcycles. I think that it went down pretty well. Don’t forget to check it out if thou haven’t read it before, and if you have drop in and leave a note on Vexations that thou came by!

We’ll be out on the Ave tonight, so there might be a Mill Avenue Nights to post tonight about how that entire escapade goes. It’ll be interesting to see what type of world this all brings.

Concost has been going on for a day now, I’m hallucinating slightly—but it’s mostly white semi-opaque figures that started in my peripheral vision, but have crept into the center of my gaze time to time. I see them walking in the halls, sitting at tables as if drinking coffee, but never up close. I suppose if there’s any day that I’m going to actually see the dead, it’s going to be today.

I have some friends that I need to catch up with. Although, I have a strange feeling that I’m going to see the Morrigan this time around as well; her portents have been in the air, and in my A&W root beer. Like the first time I drank the ergot tea, the carbonated fizzle whispering eldritch nothings as it gabs idly with itself.

Ah, the secret life of root beer.

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