Monday, April 27, 2009

A safe return to Michigan

I am now safely back in Michigan.

My room is a lot like how I left it. A disarray of things scattered against the walls, empty floor beckoning me constantly to curl up and stare at the ceiling, boxes lurking in corners, and my bed gently purring...

Wait a sec. Purring?

On closer inspection my bed appears to have an extra entity not originally placed there by me upon my exit to Arizona. As I've been out, my roommates have gotten themselves a cat! The feline appears to be black in coloration, making him perfectly camouflaged to sleep on my bed.

They're calling him Cat for now--there is a name but I haven't fully heard it yet. The reason is because they're still deciding wether or not we're going to be keeping him or sending him onto a new home. He's a rescue kitten, from what I understand, although now a full year old; the person who got him for my family works for a local humane shelter and paid for his neutering and microchipping. He's healthy and happy.

I spend almost all of my day indoors at home, so he'll have plenty of company while I'm here.

I am also told that he has a harness. Although I am not sure what kind of energy he produces that we might harness him for it... Alright, so it's so that we can him outside on walks. This has only been done once. I might try it myself sometime.

I remember when Djenna was joking that she had gotten me a surprise.

I had asked if I was getting a pony.

A cat will do.

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