Wednesday, April 15, 2009

YouTUBE and the murder/suicide of Tony48219

This guy has been little known on YouTUBE for some time—he was berserk, crazy, and barely audible in his vociferous screaming when he shouted people down, cackling with barely withheld crazy. At the time, he was just a fringe idiot, the sort of babbling drunken crazy that pukes in the town well; only seen by some time-to-time when someone decided to use clips of his insanity to frame other messages.

Nobody expected him to fly apart.

This tragedy has been bringing together a lot of different people on YouTUBE especially in the communities that Tony48219 moved in. It is … a shock to the system, a reason to cry, to laugh, to hold serious conversations, and to rant mindlessly. DonEdoxus2, The Amazing Atheist, JezuzFreek777 and many others have been throwing in their 2¢ on the issue.

We’ve lost someone. He certainly wasn’t a cornerstone of sanity—he wasn’t even that popular—but he went out by murdering another person, snuffing out her life along with his, and we might yet remember him hoping not to discover the fragility of the human condition in his descent into madness.

It’ll be solemn to see where we go from here. We've seen a loss...

This horror will fade, it will soothe with time, but the echoes of it will still shape the community we build.

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