Thursday, May 28, 2009

Karissa Niehoff and Paula Schwartz are douche bags


So there’s a bit of a titter going on right now about President Barack Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court, Judge Sonia Sotomayor. I recently read an article about how she was part of a panel that dismissed an appeal by a student blogger against the principal and school superintendant for disqualifying her from student government because of dark words she’d posted in an opinion about them.

I’m not here to comment on the nomination. But I am here to call this principal and superintendant what they are:

Asshat douche bags.

The exception here is that neither of these cretins are actually able to readily injure me by misusing their granted authority. Just like Avery Doninger, I am posting on my blog, which is not connected to their school and I’m publishing my opinion about their self-righteous, bad behavior. The difference here is that I am not in a position to be wrongfully scorned by these sniffy creeps who misused their authority as school officials to snub Doninger.

Now, these two jerks could have done the right thing and backed off after they thought about how petty and asinine their behavior was; but no, they wanted to take a mule’s stand on the subject and went straight-backed into a court battle over the issue. Of course, if the qualifications for student government include such vagaries as “this student is qualified or not because I say so,” it makes it a legally indefensible position to suggest that they did something wrong by the law; but if they had any other sort of standards, instead it makes these two look less like stand-up adults doing their jobs and more like whiney butt-hurt ninnies who looked at the blog post and said, “She’s disqualified because she said something mean about us! WAAAAAH!

No wait, even if it is legally defensible they’re still juvenile asshats.

Karissa Niehoff and Paula Schwartz grow up.

Link, via NBC.

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Perennial Gadfly said...

I love how one of your tags is "DOUCHE BAG". :D

That is a seriously idiotic issue, though. I've known plenty of administrators like that in my day; I can only assume that their jobs require childish bitchery as a dominant personality trait.