Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 1 is up on

With the Mill Avenue Vexations series having a web presence, I’ve decided to take the released volumes and slowly prepare them for digital distribution. Naming convention aside, getting in my way and all, I have Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 1: Vexations on Smashwords.

It can also be bought at other ebook retailers; but on Smashwords it’s “set your own price” so you can buy it for free. I expect.

I will be doing this with each subsequent release of the volumes; but tribute stories will all be $0.99 ea. Also, if you’d like to support Vexations, you can always set your price to something and give me some money for the work. (Note: I totally don’t mind you downloading it for free, they’re free anyway! Enjoy the different formats.)


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