Monday, June 14, 2010

REVIEW: Kanira Baxter – Chapter Two Pelak IV

kanirabaxter-comic-slice-2 The WHITE KNIGHT receives a transmission sending them to a watery planet. A world with a problem: namely a colony that suddenly stopped talking to the rest of the civilized universe. Upon their arrival they discover some disturbing factors—one in particular which happens be the colony, empty of people.

The space opera continues in full force and we learn a little bit more about the crew and their reasons for following Kanira. And we get to learn about how the watery world happens to be a prime distributor and producer of sushi. Not unexpected, I think, lots of water means lots of fish!

Of course, with all the colonists gone dark maybe sushi production might take a hit.

Fun takeaway? In this one we get to see Meglen, the mouse-like alien Myanai, sometimes walks on all fours. And also why certain sushi isn’t exactly the best thing to tangle with.

Expect some common space-opera themes, well rendered sci-fi scenery and some really angry seafood.

Link, via Comic Genesis.

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