Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Fate protects fools, little children and ships named Enterprise.” – Cmdr. Riker (Contagion, Star Trek: The Next Generation).

And in some cases: me.

Here I am today, Star Gate: Atlantis running through Netflix on the TV, wrapped up in the voices of my thoughts. And I am pretty lucky; although, one person’s fortune can certainly be another person’s misfortune. I have no job, no income, adding myself to the great unwashed masses—and not to mention starving authors who spend more time on their creative work than getting a living wage—but I am not homeless (again) nor am I without family or company.

I have chosen to study strangely divergent sciences: computers and anthropology. Yet, I am able to easily find ways to combine them through video games and social media. In fact, the emergence of social media itself is staggeringly luck-filled for someone of my interests. I use a lot of what I’ve learned from it, and from other people, in order to better enhance my writing. Such as how I’ve developed the most recent offering from Black Hat Magick in the form of Book 2 “Tango & Cache”.

(Still only three chapters and less than 9,000 words, but progressing on schedule for publication beginning during Fall 2010.)

I don’t see myself winning the lottery.

I don’t see myself being discovered by some traditional publishing house either, but I do hope to keep my semi-popularity up-to-date. One day I might have some minor fame to work from for my craft, but like most authors—especially the millions before me—I will probably languish in a glittering obscurity.

However, I might point out here: I am still lucky.

I have fans. I have a small cadre of dedicated, worthwhile fans, whose messages still warm my heart every time I receive them.

Keep an eye out for a new story appearing on Black Hat Magick for all you guys.

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