Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What’s a capital 2 again?

This just in from my best friend’s day at work:

OMG… Gotta tell you something that happened at work today…

Just as the new boss entered the office I got a call.

User asks me how to make an @.

I say, "Okay. To get the @ sign: you hold shift and press 2."

She says, "Won't that make a capital 2?"

I do not miss a beat, and say, "Hon, the @ is the capital 2"


"Yep. Glad I could help you. See you later." *click*

Boss busts up laughing a moment later.

1 comment:

RyAnne said...

I'm glad we made him laugh the first day at work. He seems like a very nice guy, too. Woot!
This is so minor for the typical end user at my work, that it's just amusing, not annoying. Besides.. I kinda take her side. :D