Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Unexpected outage

So, about 12noon AZT, went offline. I grabbed my cell and called Elaine once I noticed—at about 3pm AZT, when I was finally awake from an unexpected nap.

I had to move the flat screen monitor from Pixie over to Willowisp to get a look at the boot screen. She was up, running, and happy. I ran through a gauntlet of UNIX commands like “ifconfig” and “ip link” and “mii-tool” and discovered that both the ethernet card (eth0) and the cable were fine. In fact, thanks to mii-tool, I was able to determine that the cable itself had an actual link (no physical failure.)

Eventually, I relented and killed the CISCO cable modem. Up, down, and viola, she’s back online.

Now I just have to wait for ProjectWonderful to discover that the site is operating again and unsuspend my advertisements.

Oh, also, I have a nosebleed for no apparent reason.

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