Thursday, October 28, 2010

SB 1070 really? Prison industry helped draft this debacle of a bill

Just saw this one and I’m not really happy about what I’ve read. The bill itself inflicts stupid holes in the ability of our police to do their jobs as well as provides dangerous leeway for arresting people who happen to be suspiciously not … white. There is a long held understanding that industries often assist with laws that would affect them, and the route to dangerous conflicts of interest is fraught there.

Over at NPR, there’s an article on exactly where this sort of conflict of interest can go.


I don’t think that the people who directly benefit from the arrest and seizure of persons should ever have any say in criminal law. Unless it directly indicates their behavior (in which case they should have a say) but if it’s about what constitutes a crime outside of their purview or how long a sentence should go, they aren’t welcome.

Connections to private prison interests are everywhere in lobbies for criminal bills, with politicians, and other elements of our government—it is an extremely powerful, deeply set, highly moneyed industry.

That’s not safe for anyone.

Link, via NPR.

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Bob Sloan said...

I agree and want all to know there are some of us out here who have been "in the loop" on this issue for months prior to the story breaking. I have linked CCA, Geo Group and ALEC to many of the current forms of the toughest laws and sentence restructuring to increase profits. You can follow more on this and related issues at or my blog at: These are important matters that affect all of us as taxpayers. See what you get for your tax dollar...and what pocket it goes into.

Robert Sloan
Prison Industry Consultant