Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Dragon Inn: The Zen of the Worgen and Gilneans

fidelia-worgen-smaller I recently started playing a Worgen character in World of Warcraft so I figured that I’d outline my experiences for the Green Dragon Inn. Thus the post that just got put onto the soon-changing website, “Cataclysm: The Plight of Gilneas.” This may be my last post for them as they’re changing their angle on the MMO universe.

The worgen get a particularly interesting connection to the world, mostly in that they have a phased starting zone a lot like how the Death Knights do. You can’t jump directly into gen pop as a worgen and are instead forced to play through an epic narrative of romance, patriotism, loss, and eventual expulsion.

If you’d like to join my friends, they’ve set up a small all-worgen guild on the new WoW server Nesingwary. They’re called <The Knights of Gilneas.> You can find me there on intermittent afternoons as Fidelia.

Link, via Green Dragon Inn.

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