Saturday, May 07, 2011

Get Ready. A new Black Hat Magick / Mill Avenue Vexations crossover comes out Monday

hadalymercer Calling all cars, calling all cars. Especially taxi-driver and geek grrl enthusiasts, there’s a pair of short stories coming out for Black Hat Magick and Mill Avenue Vexations starting Monday.

You can catch up with everyone else about these facts over at the Mill Ave news and the article on the subject:

I’m tentatively calling this story Hadaly’s Day Out (feat. Brother Jed) and hopefully it will bring some light and amusement to those who already suffer this celebrity’s presence on the campus.

Immediately after that story is published, a Mill Avenue Vexations short-story and extension of that self-same story will publish here. I will not be announcing its name until it’s time for it’s publication. And you don’t need to read one to enjoy the other—although they’re probably both pretty fun.

Spread the news! Expect us.

Link, via Mill Avenue Vexations.

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