Sunday, May 15, 2011

GameOgre: World of Tanks First Impressions

world-of-tanks-iconI was recently given the chance to review the new free-to-play video game by World of Tanks for GameOgre and I’ve had such a fun time, I’ll probably be going back into the game now that I’m done checking it out.

Here’s a taste of my review (only the first paragraph, go read the rest if you want to know more):

It’s a blue sky over Malinovka as your tank platoon rolls tread over the dying grass, playing a lethal game of cat-and-mouse against the enemy forces hiding amidst the heavy brush. Engines blurt out on all sides as your comrades roll out and you follow in their muddy tracks when the coughing turret-report of an enemy tank signals they’ve sighted us before we them. Shells whistle overhead, radios chatter with severe language—a nearby friendly catches fire and explodes—your gunner bears the cannon sights down on a light track rambling over a hill…

This squad-based tank-shooter simulation can be a really worthwhile to spend an hour or so just trucking around the battlefield. Even though it is other people you’re up against, it doesn’t generate the teeth-breaking competition fears that other games might. As it runs a little bit slower than most FPS squad-based games.

I am constantly comparing the PvP to things like World of Warcraft battlegrounds where you have objectives and capture the flag and such, nothing similar yet in World of Tanks: just tanks, that is all. The sounds are nice, hearing the hits score is interesting, and sometimes even getting blown up can have its own delight.

If you happen to get into game, send me a message, we can hook up.

Link, via GameOgre.

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