Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Microsoft and Office 2010: Please reinstate blue background with white text

Or, of the love of the gods, give me the option to produce a background setting that doesn’t affect the end work product so that I can bring this back? I’ve been using this for a long time now to write because it makes it much easier for me to see the text.

Now that I have Office 2010, I discovered that it’s been gone since Office 2007. Worse, while there’s the ability to turn it on – it cannot be activated by default in the Normal document template! Why would anyone set it up so that it can be turned on via a background setting, yet cannot be made default?

If anyone out there knows a solution to this (I even tried a macro) or an add-in for Office 2010. Let me know. Otherwise, I’m going to downgrade back to Office 2002.

At least that works.

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