Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something of a weekend: Black Hat Magick, LulzSec, America McGee’s Alice

…oh and a Samus Aran Zero Suit edition Let’s Play of Saints Row 2.

Not a big update right now, but it goes like this: the website for Black Hat Magick is down because the server that normally would run the webserial had its motherboard melt.

It’s now non-operational; however, I did have the werewithal to get different hosting and now there’s a page explaining the situation on that domain. Refresh the page a few times, see what happens!

My good friend, Omni, also went out to the local Fry’s and bought a copy of America McGee’s Alice 2: The Madness Returns for Xbox 360. The dragon is playing it right now.

Plans are to turn it into a Let’s Play for YouTUBE.

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