Monday, July 16, 2012

Around The Secret World: A Problem with Zombies


Funcom’s The Secret World is a wonderful MMORPG with powerful, deeply atavistic Lovecraftian stories – this screenshot it from the first town that is being besieged by zombies.


Many of the quests have cinematic and even fully-voiced animations that have your character mostly standing dumbly and listening to a story about the reason for the quest and why. This is the hallmark of plot quests and it’s good to watch them at least once.

This has been put to good use by Star Wars: The Old Republic but it takes on a different quality in horror-themed The Secret World.


Kingsmouth has a zombie problem – I have a solution.

Fire. Kill it with fire.




So zombies aren’t the only problem Kingsmouth has. RUN! RUN!

At least, that’s what I thought to myself until I recollected that I have an AK-47 that shoots lightning and that particular problem ended up deep-fried very quickly.

The other player helping out didn’t hurt either.

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