Thursday, October 13, 2005

Friends and Dreamers: DJ_Mulder

DJ_Mulder is another one of my friends from #Suicide on, though he doesn’t visit there as often anymore. We spend most of our time in private message windows, chatting.

He lives in Holland, in a city named Zoetermeer, but he informs me that he is soon to move to a new town, Den Haag. Since he is moving into a new, spiffy flat that he is currently tussling to attain, and I wish him luck at that. “[Zoetermeer] is a small city where you can walk from north to south in 30 minutes,” DJ says, describing the place, but even though it is a small city indeed, apparently there is very little countryside remaining around. It has been mostly swallowed by buildings.

“There are 3 major discos...”  DJ explains to me about the social and nightlife of the town. “Tho one plays bad redneck music and sells weed and stuff... One is going broke and, well last time I was there (after I heard that Diana is perhaps gonna work there but didn't) there were like ten people inside... And the other is a kiddie’s disco… Tho I went there all the time when I was younger... met the DJ there hang out with him for a while...he taught me stuff.” At the end he confesses that his nickname, DJ_Mulder, comes from the DJ of the kiddie’s disco because of his tutelage.

Aside from the discos there are about nine social bars, one of which is quite fun, but also very small. What can I say about that, it seems the best things come in small doses these days.

DJ works as a programmer and writes modules for a suite of school software, his day job. He also says that when he has downtime he spends time plugging away at the World of Warcraft forums.

Much like my last interviewee, he plays WoW. Although, DJ is a lot more prolific on the forums than I. Also like my last interviewee, I cannot play along with him in that MMORPG. Because DJ lives in Holland and I live in the USA, we end up on completely different Blizzard servers. So we cannot even interact. But he has a great deal of fun there anyway.

“Hm well I have tons of people that worship me on the forums, tons that despise me due to my devotion to the Warlock,” DJ elucidates about his experiences in and out of game, “in game... Hmm I have guilds fighting over me! :P” He goes on in a whisper (a parenthetical aside) to humbly explain that he doesn’t think he’s that great of a warlock; but he does enjoy the attention he receives from interested parties.

He tells me that what he likes the most about WoW is the potential for things to go horribly wrong, more or less. Running on gigantic raids with numerous friends, skipping through dangerous missions, and discovering that minor events can cause a great catastrophe lends a certain element of danger and excitement to the game play. I suppose that I can see that myself, even though it is a video game, it can still be easy to get a little immersed in it and actually upset when you get killed off when a herd of Taurens stampedes over your entire group.

As for future plans—outside of World of Warcraft—DJs has a likely lass, dear to his heart, in the lusty, crushy sort of way named Diana who has turned his affections for quite some time. DJs relationship with his crush on her has been tumultuous at best—primarily because the lass hasn’t been very emotionally available (or quite available relationshipwise.) Like very much a Prince Charming, DJ is unrelenting in his interest, and has deemed it his goal to woo, court, and win Diana’s heart.

And perhaps one day he shall.

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