Friday, October 28, 2005

Past Years of Hallowse'en on Mill Avenue

Every year on Hallowse’en the streets of Mill Avenue teem with rampant costuming, flagrant coloration, and screaming tourists. The Hallowe’en Block Party for Mill is something to view—and a grave annoyance to most of us native fauna. Fortunately, the gateways that they produce to make people pay to enter the festivities are often easily bypassed by those of us who actually live on Mill.

Three years ago when they originally set up barriers and asked money of people entering they’d neglected to secure hotels and certain shops, a wise street-hacker could simply realize it was just as easy as entering the U.S. from Nogales by walking into the hotel from street-side and then exiting Mill-side, inside of the Block Party.

Strangely, I cannot find any news on the Internet, AzCentral, or any of the usual haunts about what they plan to do this year—perhaps because Halloween is on a Monday and not a Fri/Sat they do not want to shut down the Ave.

Skulking around the Internet I found some images from the Millcam for the 1997 Halloween Block Party.

This is as close as I can find to a notice about something going on in the region of Mill (they now call the region near Coffee Plantation, the Post Office, 5th Street, etc. “Hayden Square.”)

Mill Avenue Masquerade Adventure A costume contest, parade, and live entertainment at Hayden Square in downtown Tempe. Starts at 6 p.m. Call for info 480-967-4877. In 2005: October 31
Phoenix Event Calendar - October

Here are some past blog posts about the Halloween festivities on Mill.

One night after Ryan and I took the armor out for a Wal Mart drive it was time to tear it up in more competitive waters. You see here in Arizona we have a street called Mill Ave. in downtown Tempe that is the beating heart of the college night life. Its kind of like our version of Bourbon street minus the beads and boobs. Well, occasionally there are boobs but that's after everyone gets nice and drunk. Anyway, Mill Avenue is the place to go for drunken Halloween craziness in Arizona so my wife and I packed up and drove down.

The most adventuresome part of the entire night was striping down to a skin tight dive skin in a dirt lot that was literally on the other side of the tracks.
Halloween on Mill Ave.

Hm, well I am having some amazing difficulty finding much random people news about things they’ve done on Mill. The indexing and search services that the Internet provides are not quite strong enough (that and my keywords are probably not quite up to par for this.)

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