Friday, March 03, 2006

Dana Goodness

Few people know, but today I received a Dana from AlphaSmart, the device is essentially a palm device, because it runs on PalmOS, but it has a built in full-size keyboard. This has always been one of the major hurdles between me and something smaller than a lappy—and actually a hurdle between me and lappies (I actually require a keyboard separate from my laptop because the keyboard is slightly too small for my delicate elven fingers.)

I have decided to include an excerpt from the AlphaSmart web page about the Dana Wireless (the version I received.)

It's the affordable one-to-one computing solution—and now available with wireless connectivity. Dana Wireless offers the convenience and affordability of a hand-held device, and includes built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b) capability, providing wireless connectivity for the classroom, campus, office, or home.

Dana Wireless continues AlphaSmart's tradition of ultralight portability and simplicity. With Wi-Fi technology, getting connected has never been easier.

Dana Wireless

So far it has met my expectations for such a device. It has a touch screen and a full-size keyboard that adequately matches my bird-like hand-span. The user interface is intuitive enough that I quickly learned to use the word processor (my primary concern as a writer) and even determined some of the more esoteric functions without having to dip into the manual.

It is a fun toy too.

I will probably get a carrying case for the device and trot it out to Mill Avenue with me sometime soon. I intend to use it for note taking and, if I can get an IRC program or an AIM client installed, I can use it to keep in touch with people when I'm near hotspots.

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