Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Record Phoenician Dry Spell

What many of my readers may not know is that right now Phoenix, and as a result Mill Avenue, are under a particularly annoying blight: our robin egg blue skies have yet to crack themselves open and let loose with some good old fashioned rain.

Phoenix has been a no-rain zone for almost 133 days and running, and one of our few chances to break it anytime soon is passing us by right now.

Yesterday, The Arizona Republic ran an article with this headline: Storm might end record dry spell today; but, in spite of all hopes to the contrary, the clouds brought us little more than a few stuttered coughs and an umbrella of grey.
A strong Pacific storm hit the West Coast on Monday, dropping 1 to 2 inches in parts of California.

As it moves east, Phoenix will have a 40 percent chance of rain today and tonight.

Bill Estle of the National Weather Service in Phoenix said this is the best chance of rain since Phoenix set the dry-spell record on Jan. 27.

Much to our dismay, it seems that we will have to continue to labor under further dryness until this desiccating waltz plays itself out.

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