Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tempe City Goverment Actually Getting Things Right?

Pride? What is this...perhaps it's a swelling in my chest at some words that I just read in an article? Could it be?

Council candidates debate housing in the State Press wrote:

All the candidates also said future high-rise development in Tempe should be restricted.

Arredondo said he opposed the 30-story height for the tallest buildings of Centerpoint Condominiums, now under construction at Mill Avenue and Sixth Street.

He added he would never allow Hayden Butte, or "A Mountain," to be surrounded by high-rise buildings.

"I really can't imagine what downtown Tempe is going to look like with a 30-story building," Ellis said. "That just seems so high to me."

Well. I am certainly happy to see that sentiment. The strange landscape of Tempe (and Arizona) is one that suffices less growing up and more making due with what we have. In fact, it seems to me, that as a desert we should be growing down, but that may just be me. I have to agree that I do not want buildings towering over A Mountain (yes, I understand it's really named Hayden Butte [actually Tempe Butte, but I hate the name Tempe vs. Hayden], but this is one of those cases where the historic name doesn't matter as much as its community name--I think Tempe already knows something about this.)

With these Centerpointe Condominiums being constructed at 6th and Mill, it makes things a little bit more irksome for me. The Orchidhouse Condominiums near 5th and Mill are already a blight for the culture of Mill Ave, because the tenants like to complain about ordinary goings-on that have been happening for over a decade on Mill. I am fundamentally annoyed at these extremely stupid people, whose behavior rankles me to the core. What the hell were they expecting? A quiet suburb out of the way of an economic center? No, wait, they chose to live right off of a major downtown road, a center for culture and commerce.

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