Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dennnis and the Internet

After discovering just yesterday about our beloved landmark's demise, I decided that I would spend a little time and look at the reactions that the rest of the blogosphere had generated about the event. Undoubtedly, this is only the beginning, the first few ripples, but I'm going to relate them now with this post.

It would appear that the first on the scene, a creature of Mill Avenue whom I don't know of personally, posted about finding Dennnis dead--slumped and non-responsive--in his still-running vehicle. A Mistress Kristen of left a stirring and well written post about her experiences. I am only linking it here and not quoting it because I feel that she deserves at least to speak in her own words in her own domain.

GRTaylor2 on Blogspot gives his own impressions of Dennnis and hits on some points that I myself instantly cling to.

People wanted him off Mill Ave. in the attempt to remove the grass roots feel from Tempe as the Bamboo Clubs (an upscale Asian restaurant), Abercrombes and Borders Books went in. Tempe is losing its character by losing its cast of characters.

One thing that I will always love Dennnis for: his unrelenting grip on the reality that was Mill Avenue culture, undying zeal for the wonders that Tempe is, even in the face of the plastic-import-culture that has been creeping onto our street.

And a small clip from one Nico H from

 7 a.m.  My friend Jason Parker calls me: 
Nico: (groggy) "hey man."...
Jason: "Dennnis is dead."  
  WIDE awake now.  Dennnis Skolnick was unanimously Tempe's Most Annoying Character.  So I liked him. I was one of perhaps 9 of the 60,000 Tempe residents who did. I Liked him enough to cast him in a major role in Dante's Arizona.
Dennnis's untimely passing makes the Dante's death toll at SIX, in 4 years.
I fall back asleep somehow.  And OverFuckingSleep til 9...

 And finally, I noticed another goodbye post by user suchahotmess on

He was such a funny guy.. weird, but funny. I remember the first time I met him, at the launch of one of Nick's stores in downtown Phoenix. He was taking pictures, for his magazine and we had a long chat about traveling, restaurants and life. He tried to get me to go out to dinner with him, after telling me how my little black dress "fit like a glove". He was eccentric, weird and different... but at the same time sweet, funny and interesting. He had lived a crazy life.

Dennnis, thou will be missed by many.

Another Azcentral article has also come to my attention, a piece opineing about his life and times, - Skolnick's life showed freedom's fragility.

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