Saturday, August 12, 2006

Internet Restored, but Server Still Inscrutable

Due to the malign stupidity of Covad our DSL line was not installed on schedule which was supposed to be the 9th of this month, August. Instead, we were told, that it was bumped forward to the 18th! A date now about six days away.

However, Comcast has been kind enough to jump to our rescue and instantly install both digital cable and Internet access to our house on extremely short notice. This is the one time that Comcast has actually been such a good provider. And they deserve props for that--I hope they keep it up.

Meanwhile Mill Avenue Vexations is being parked on a hosting site with a splash page. At least, it will after the DNS propagates around the world. People who visit may also be treated to a preview of an up-and-coming tribute...

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